The HIN (Hull Identification Number) or CIN (Craft Identification Number) is a unique combination of letters and/or numerals affixed to, or embossed on, the outside of the transom (rear) on the starboard (right) side above the waterline.

Location of HIN
Where to find the HIN

The HIN (CIN) consists of 12 Characters (letters and/or numbers) for the US market and 14 Characters for the European market.

From 1972 US Federal regulations required every recreational boat manufacturer to assign a HIN to each vessel built.

From June 1998, the European Recreational Craft Directive required that every new boat sold or put into service in the EU to have a HIN displayed conforming to the Directive. The European RCD required that the 12 Character HIN also displayed a 2 Character Country code prefix defining the Country of Origin. The Country Code prefix to conform to ISO3166

From 1 January 2006 the European Recreational Directive was amended and the HIN renamed CIN (Craft Identification Number) for the EU market. Apart from the name, the CIN retains the same 2+12 Character format. The USA retains the name HIN.

Boats built within the USA, for export, may display both formats, one beneath the other. The last 12 characters will be the same for both formats. The first 2 characters, pre-fixing the 12 characters, are the country code, indicating the country of origin. In the US, the Country Code HIN may be surrounded by a border or be on a separate label.

Example Country Codes:  USA – US , Canada – CA, Great Britain – GB, Germany – DE, France – FR, Spain – ES, Sweden – SE, Holland – NL, Italy – IT, Norway – NO, China – CN, Japan - JP